News and Updates from our friends at Financial Depot

Hello 2022.

The past year has certainly been volatile. However, it was also profitable with solid gains. We took advantage of the 5% market pullbacks to buy shares at better prices. This added dividend income at significant values when the share prices dropped. 

We are possibly seeing the start of an overall sizable market correction. We shared in previous newsletters that we felt this was inevitably headed our way and we believe we are prepared for it. For 2022, we will continue to move available cash to Howard Capital Management (HCM). We believe their fund management options are among the best capital protection tools for our clients. With the current volatility, wealth conservation is our first goal. We look forward to discussing these efforts further as the year proceeds.

Click this link to view how the BuyLine works to preserve clients’ capital. 

We want to continue to encourage all clients to utilize the BlackLogix (BL) [aka CircleBlack] platform to view all of your portfolio details. BL can be accessed via computer or mobile app. A tutorial regarding setup and use of your BL account can be found on our recently updated website which we also encourage you to utilize & share.

Lastly, next week we will be sending out a Client Contact Info Update Questionnaire. It will allow us to make sure all of your preferred info is current.